Smoking Menthol Cigarette, is It Nice?

U.S. Food and Drug Administration founds that menthol cigarettes is much more addictive than regular cigarettes. Menthol cigarette smokers often consumed by woman and young age which tend to be in the risk of higher addiction. 

Menthol aroma can reduce the severity of the acrid smell of tobacco smoke and make those just starting to smoke to accept it.

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A taste of cigarettes became more soft and cool. That makes menthol cigarettes seem more fun, especially for first time smokers. Previous research also has linked risk of stroke with menthol cigarettes. Scientist says that menthol smokers have twice the risk of stroke than non-menthol smokers. Menthol cigarettes can get a negative impact on the blood vessels, especially those that supply to the brain.


Rika said...

Why? Mentol is lighter than usual cigarette!

James said...

Menthol cigarettes is for Gay!