10 Reasons why smoking is good

This is just the 10 reason why smoking is good. We just call them the 10 commandment for smokers, enjoy….
  1. Smokers help the government; we paid the taxes when buy the cigarettes.
  2. Smokers creates job; we help paid off the workers’ fee in cigars factories.
  3. Smokers help financials sectors, smokers make benefit in all sectors, for the cigarettes factories, for the cigarettes distributors, also for a lot of stores, supermarket, grocery stores, retailers and those who sold cigarettes.
  4. Smokers help a lot of landlords, which grow crops related with cigars industries like clove and tobacco farms.
  5. Smokers decrease traffic accident, you cannot get sleepy while driving if you smoke cigars.
  6. Smokers light up the cities, smokers paid the advertisement; most of the advertiser in billboards and media, like television, magazines, radios, and newspapers comes from the cigarettes factories.
  7. Smokers can prevent the crime, a thief cannot doing his action while smoking
  8. Smokers protect environment, we help burn a lot of paper into the ash.
  9. Smokers can held the art, music, sport, celebrities events and exhibitions, like bands festivals, Formula 1 car racing, etc; same reason like light up the cities.
  10. Smokers help God create clouds
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aaidjs said...


ichaduma said...

Hahaha, I like #10.

You know what's better than cigarettes?

Journal by The Lightbeamers, MD.

Yoko said...

lol. cool stuff dude.

Adam said...

lol number 10 is best.

Johnny said...

smoking is good i smoke five boxes a day so whazz up with that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

these points is like making fun with the smokers...

Anonymous said...

I want to smoke so cool man!!!!!!!( also fun)

Leeza said...

Stop smoking campaign is supported (and bribed) by insurance company. Take it easy! :P