using electric smoking or electronic cigarette, is it good for health?

The health effects of using electronic cigarettes are currently unknown. Several studies regarding the long-term health effects of nicotine vapor, both inhaled directly and in second hand, are currently in progress. The effects of passive nicotine and smoke inhalation must be separate in such studies because there is no smoke involved in the process. It should also be noted that the negative effect ofsidestream smoke, the one that is not inhaled by the first-hand smoker and comes directly from burned cigarettes to the environment, should be discarded when taking electronic cigarettes into account.
But be careful, propylene glicol chemical inserted inside the tube to vaporize nicotin. This propylene glicol can make irritation to respiratory tract. There are also nitrosamine, ethanol and glycerin inside those stuff.

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Indeed, electronic cigarettes all share three essential components:
  • A "cartridge" that serves as a mouthpiece and usually doubles as a small reservoir holding the liquid that is to be vaporized.
  • An "atomizer" that serves as the heating element responsible for vaporizing the liquid.
  • A power supply, which in portable models is a battery. Other electronic components necessary for operation are housed within the power unit.

Watch the video of comparative study of this electrical device