Is it true that coffee can decrease your breast size?

Coffee consumption has an impact on the female body shape. A research to prove that coffee consumption can make women's breast size is smaller. The study was conducted by researchers from the Swedish University, Helena Jernstrom, an expert who led the research tumors. Initially this research held to analyze the influence of coffee for women.
The result is delightful, because the consumption of three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of breast cancer. However, in research, not only in that it can be. The research also revealed that coffee can reduce the size of women's breasts.

From the research revealed that coffee can also make women's breast size is smaller. Women with a body weight of normal breast but have usually have a large number of Mammary Gland (producer of milk solids. Red) that much. The number of mammary Gland, which usually increase the risk of breast cancer. Consumption of coffee regularly can reduce the number of mammary Gland, so that also automatically decrease the regular breast size.