How People With AIDS Were Treated in The World?

AIDSNew regulations for HIV-positive people visiting the U.S. are more restrictive than the old rules , which prohibited issuance of visas to people living with HIV, critics of the rules said recently, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Under the old restrictions, HIV-positive people could visit the U.S. by applying for a waiver to the rules. According to the Chronicle, the waiver process was "cumbersome," and some critics said it was "slow, arbitrary and unfair." President Bush in December 2006 requested the waiver process be streamlined with new administrative rules. Federal authorities occasionally have granted some short-term exceptions to the rules, such as allowing HIV-positive researchers to attend scientific conferences in the U.S., according to the Chronicle.

How about Indonesia?

Currently, there are no rules specifically concerning the HIV-positive people travelling around Indonesia. The government weren't so concerned about the disease spreading until the number of death toll is "material", meaning, the press was bloating the news in the media. It's the same when the defective and expired goods were broad up to public. Before the news, the food and drug foundation wasn't so responsive to the spreading of those products. Will AIDS be the same in the future? Let's wait until a decade and see what the government were doing. Until then, be patient (not an HIV-positive patient, I mean).

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