Smoking can cause Cerebral Palsy Syndrome?

Cerebral palsy caused by damage to the cerebrum, which is also responsible for human memory, ability to learn, and communication skills. Some people with cerebral palsy have problems with communication and learning. Cerebrum damage, which is in relation with brain damage, can sometimes affect vision and hearing. Less than one tenth of cerebral palsy cases were caused by oxygen deprivation during birth. 
Most cases of damage to the brain among cerebral palsy children occurred before born, the first six months of pregnancy, and the risk of cerebral palsy will be increases dramatically if a pregnant woman catches rubella (Germ measles), smokes, drinks heavily, or diabetes.

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Bleeding in the brain can stop the supply of blood to vital brain tissue, which consequently becomes damaged or dies. The escaped blood itself can clot and damage surrounding tissue. Lack of oxygen may have caused destruction of the unborn baby's brain cells, that's why pregnant woman ar not allowed to smoke while pregnant, and avoid being to close from smoking people. If you are already pregnant, try to stay as healthy as possible. 
Cerebral palsy treatment aim is to help the child achieve as much independence as possible throughout his/her life. In the early development stage of life, cerebral palsy people indicated by abnormal muscle tone, reflexes, or motor development and coordination. Anything tends to cause either a premature birth or a low-weight baby who is not developed enough to cope with the stresses of life outside the womb will raise the risk of cerebral palsy.

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